Thank you for your time. Tylor January 21, 9:32 pm count( 86 ) I had been calling a dealer repeatedly while his phone was in police custody, is it likely they will come to my house or investigate my person. All this situation make me think much and why he is doing like this, it make me think he check me all of the time. I am scared ill never get back on my facebook is there anyway or anyone that I can call or somehow view my texts online>? it had my text messages in it when i was arrested are the cops allowed to go through my text messages and if so can anything they find in how can i check my boyfriends text messages there be used against me in my case? Dear Lauren: Based on a recent Supreme Court case holding that the police need a search warrant before searching a persons phone, the decision may apply to schools even though the Supreme Court did not say anything about schools and students rights. With a cell phone spy, you can check where he is right now:

Do you think that theyll contact me for this? The date of the evidence (messages) may not be significant – there arent limits on dated materials unless so ordered by the court. Romain: Its hard to find excellent writing like yours these days. If the police got a warrant to search your phone, they would tell windows spy api calls you, serve you with the warrant and confiscate the phone, so it doesnt sound like a warrant has been issued. Jason October 19, 6:34 pm count( 327 ) I was arrested for possesion of stolen property(Which I had reseats for) while in the back seat of the police car the 8 cops past my phone and camera around looking a nude pics of my wife when i commented to one of the officers that was our personal property and I did not want them looking at the pic he laughed and said we will look at what ever we want when I got out of jail I check my verizon online account and there were text picture/slide show sent to personal phones while I was arrested when I filed a report the officer told me I shouldnt have had them on my phone I know this is not right but is it illegal Judge Toms response: Your text messages about drugs, mobile spy 2017 q school whether selling or buying, could lead to further investigation by the police. It depends on the circumstances whether a search is legal or not. recently a pervert man has moved downstairs from me.

Info is an educational site for & tracking nokia cell phone forum about teenagers and the laws that affect them. Tom October 14, 9:52 am count( 328 ) My girlfriend was arrested with a cell phone that is in my name. Its very unlikely that you could be charged for sending threatening messages to yourself. I Messages How Can Text Boyfriend's Check My We at AsktheJudge are not defending anyone. Depending on additional evidence that a search uncovers, you could be charged with other crimes. Tell your lawyer exactly what happened and he or she will look into the phone iphone location tracking software for windows search to see if it was legal. Wouldnt you like to know how to recover or block a lost mobile? Is this enough to get a warrant for my texts in Washington State? After some time of questioning they put us in separate cars.

He doesnt want me to see him at his worst. Dear how can i check my boyfriends text messages James: Y couldnt they of called my cell phone provider and found out who it was. Check I Text My Boyfriend's Can Messages How Fleck October 28, 12:34 pm count( 222 ) Can a probation officer legally check his girlfriends and her friends text messages and emails? We should also inform you that if you have iPhone, it should be jailbroken and Android should be rooted to install a cell phone tracker. the defendants phone was taken, in the phone, incriminating text messages are sent from other numbers to the phone seized, is that information from the other numbers obtainable and probable cause to issue a search warrant for the incoming numbers or only for the seized property and its how can i check my boyfriends text messages defendant ? Can they do this. With or without a search warrant, depending on the circumstances, they are authorized to collect evidence. There are so many spying apps nowadays which allow you to track my boyfriends current location, but it can be sometimes difficult to choose the best spyware. Was this helpful? GuestSpy has been featured by several popular media outlets.

Dear Dena: AsktheJudge is an education site for & about teenagers and the laws that affect them. You could contact the police department and ask to speak with a supervisor about this. Nevertheless, if your country has a private detective, then he or she can help you with finding the number. Are you sure? If you believe the P. Ryan hill June 12, 12:33 am count( 264 ) well i was arrested in las vegas, for burglury, and my phone fell out of my pockets when i was arrested, the arresting officers took my phone, read through it, and texted my girlfriend saying they were going to catch her when she had nothing to do with me and my friend breaking in can they do this legally? Dear Susan: Lease says no drugs regardless of law. Isnt it invasion of privacy? stealth spy keylogger And they found the pills and he called me from Juvie and bascically they took his cell phone away and me and him shared some text messages about Adderall and weed. In accepting probation youve temporarily given up certain rights including some privacy until you successfully complete your probation terms. Check Messages Text How I Can My Boyfriend's