July Intake ( Higher Education)

Registration For July Intake

We strongly recommend that students enroll prior to the commencement of the Study Period to obtain their preferred timetable and not miss out on any important subject material. July Intake is a compulsory study period and students are expected to study 3-4 units during this period.

Special Offer

Are you looking for scholarships to finance your education? We are providing a list of resources to help your search. Don’t overlook the possibility of academic and need-related scholarships from the institute or university where you’ll be studying. We hope you find this useful!

University List

  • The University of New Castle (Navitas)
  • Torrens University (Sydney campus)
  • University of the Sunshine coast ( ATMC, Sydney & Melbourne campus)
  • Federation University (ATMC, Sydney & Melbourne campus)
  • Victoria University (ECA, Sydney campus)   

Institute List

  • Australian Institute of Higher Education(AIH)
  • Holmes 
  • King's Own Institute(KOI)
  • Group College Australia(GCA)
  • Elite Education Institute 
  • Victoria Institute of Technology(VIT)

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