MI Education is a worldwide Agency for Education, MigrationVocation guidance.

To promote diversity and equal opportunity and provide students and clients with smooth processes with immense knowledge of visas and ideas worldwide, where proficiency and value is recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality, gender, age or race.

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Our Principles:

  • Provide with balanced advices.

  • One to one conduct

  • Exercise independence of thought and action

  • Advancement with the professional standards of education consultancy

  • Regular implementation of high quality of work ethics.

Our Objectives:

  • Guiding and assisting clients with visa applications and transition to studying in their country of choice.

  • Dynamically promoting worldwide coalitions through our numerous professional business.

  • Deliver supreme personal services with morality and reliability.

  • Provide guidance about the lifestyle and cost of living abroad.

  • Uphold consistent contact with clients, providing assistance if they have any problems or general queries while they are abroad.

  • Sustain endless professionalism in our work.

  • Abide by to rules and regulations set out in the contracts of our education providers and partners.

  • Promote education, internship and migration through our worldwide web of office.

Our Practices:

  • Accept only those engagements for which we have suitable knowledge and experience.

  • ensure that our resources are sufficient to carry out the assignment.

  • Define clearly, and confirm in writing, the terms and conditions of the services, including the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided, the allocation of responsibilities, and the basis for remuneration.

  • Negotiate agreements and charges for professional services in an ethical and proper way.

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