The current stable release is version 1. Portfolio Tracker Android Show you each of your asset (stocks, bonds) realized returns, unrealized returns, cash dividends received AUTOMATICALLY UPDATES STOCK PRICES. You can access your portfolio from any computer with Internet access. uId , "success": This first instalment will allow schools to keep detailed information about students in the form of notes (e.

Hong Kong: Go to File >  Make a copy, and then you can use it! That said, the work around solution is very simple. I use this to convert USD to SGD via a formula in Google Finance. Do this right and your data from yahoo finance auto updates. Well I have a few criteria and objectives:

If your stock is not seen here it means that you have not specify it under  Stock Summary. Rights Issues are basically company asking for more money from you to buy more shares. Placing high Portfolio Tracker Android You are logged in as. those are inserted at the Transactions sheet and this stock portfolio tracker will compute all those blue cells for you.

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Raymond Otieno, Creative Software Technologies, Kenya T10:14::00 The most qualified experts I ever hired. If you dont have a portfolio, you can simply create a Watchlist of stocks and funds to keep an eye on. A: This pulls data from the other sheets to show an aggregate portfolio view.   The user can change and add more category by going to that column in Ref to manage. " Q:

Just click on your operating system icon to download JStock. Version history and notes It also contains notes on amendment that I constantly do to this spreadsheet.

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How do I input Dividend Reinvestments or DRIP? It turns out that they are generally very similar when it comes to formulas but those that I need they do not provide.

Click on Top 4 Best Hidden Spy App for Android the big blue button that says: If you need to make one new set for say Canadian Dollars, you need to duplicate them, then rename them as Stock Summary CAD, Transactions CAD and Yahoo Data Ref CAD. We provide 3 options for updating of current last done stock price. 29, Updated 10:09 a. Once you get the hang of it you can edit to put more things you want to monitor here Stock Summary > This is where you will define your stock e.